About Us:
Welcome to American Antique Cabin Co.! We are Andy and Jamie Mills, and we have been locating, restoring, and selling antique log buildings for over twenty years now. We started out as Texas Antique Cabin Company in Fredericksburg, Texas, dealing only with Texas hand hewn log cabins. After several years, the demand for larger log buildings led us to the Appalachian Region of Large Log Barnthe country where we now reside and locate most of our log buildings. Thus, American Antique Cabin Co. was born. We offer sales, design services, consultation, and the erection of the structure at your building site. Due to time constraints, we do not do the turn key construction.

Our Mission:
American Antique Cabin Co. is dedicated to the preservation of Early American Log Architecture. What started out as a passion for preserving a part of our pioneer past, has turned into a full time commitment to doing what we love most. Our goal at American AntiqueLog Tobacco Barn Cabin Co. is to preserve as much of our historical log architecture as possible in our lifetime. These log buildings have stood the test of time for hundreds of years, and if restored properly, should continue to survive for many generations to come.

Our Experience:
After twenty years of dismantling and reconstructing log buildings, we've seen just about everything involved with log construction, from the earliest crude shelters to the finest and grandest log homes. We are highly experienced and educated in old construction methods, knowing what works and what doesn't, and most of all, knowing how to rebuild with old materials.

Andy Mills is considered to be one of the top consultants in the country on his knowledge of antique log restoration and early building methods. He has Andy Millsconsulted on several historical projects over the years, including the Mordecai Lincoln House (Abraham Lincoln's uncle) and what is believed to be John Crow's original log cabin, one of the oldest log houses in Kentucky.

Preservation Process:
When we buy an antique log building, it is photographed, numbered, and dismantled. It is then brought to our log yard near Springfield, Kentucky for storage. When the cabin is sold, it is restacked, any defective logs are replaced, if necessary, it is squared and leveled, and then it goes through a cleaning process. It is then sheepskin branch right pendismantled and ready to be shipped to its new home. With every cabin we take down, we salvage whatever materials we can that can be reused practically. Therefore, the materials that come with each house will vary. We inspect more than one hundred log structures per year, yet only handfuls are salvageable. In a year's time, we may only purchase 10-15 buildings. Sometimes we buy log buildings that are incomplete to be used as "parts"; therefore, we can custom design and build a log structure to your specifications if we can't locate an original one to fit your needs.


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